What is AtEar?

AtEar, in a few short words.
How have you been trying to protect your wireless networks?

While monitoring your wireless networking environment, our products can detect threats and test the security conditions of your wireless network environment through hacking simulations. Our methods can provide the ultimate protection for your wireless network.
We are the best choice for those with the insight to create a safer wireless networking environment for their business, thereby creating a more efficient working environment.


  • Wireless Scanning
    Ad-Hoc, Station, Access Point, Soft-Access Point
  • Wireless Pentesting
  • Network Information Gathering
    IP, Connected Host Info
  • Fake AP
    Google, Facebook, Twitter Phishing Site
  • WIDS
    Wireless Intrusion Detection System
  • Network Pentesting
    Service Brute Force Attack supported


  • Includes All Open Source Features +
  • AP Filtering
     Black List AP, White List AP
  • AP DoS Attack
    Deauthentication Packet Send All Station
  • ARP Spoofing
    ARP Spoofing & Packet Analyzer
  • AP Signal Analyzer
    Live AP signal Analyzer
  • AP Firmware Database
    Access to the Latest Point Firmware Database.
  • Project Management


  •  Includes All Open Source and Demo Features +
  • Server Support
    Comprehensive Analysis via Server
  • Drone
    Condition Assessment and Maintenance via Drone
  • Mobile
    Blacklist AP found device support
  • Report
    Comprehensive Report for Wireless Status and Statistical Data
  • WIPS Check
    WIPS Blind Spot Check
  • Hardware Support


We must often be cautious about using public wireless networks. Our products take immediate action in the case of any threat to your system, so you will be able to safely make use of shared wireless networks.



You can verify if the wireless network you use every day is truly secure. Our products can give a strong analysis of your wireless conditions, perform simulated hacking tests, and provide comprehensive reports, while at the same time detecting any threats that may arise to attack your system.



Every piece of equipment that uses WiFi needs to be able to protect its users. Our WSM module will protect your devices against any emerging threats.


Latest News at Norma

Future-Oriented Explanation of Norma’s Work

Worldwide Secure WiFi Service
We are preparing an action plan to allow people from all over the world to be able to use our products to safely and securely access wireless networks. We have recently released an Android App capable of providing wireless security, and we are in the process of implementing plans to modulize our security technology and provide wireless security services to customers worldwide.

Shadow Area Zero WiFi Lockdown
Most wireless security solutions have problems with shadow areas. They also rarely perform comprehensive internal and external checks to see if the WiFi zone being used is truly a secure sector. Shadow Area Zero WiFi Lockdown system is a security solution for a range of wireless security needs.

IoT security Response
Our products are specialized for WiFi networks. However, we also carry security technology for other forms of short range protocols as well. We can provide the solution to weak short range protocol systems with our technology.

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